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Ever wonder what it really takes to run a successful fashion and beauty blog? You scroll through the gorgeous photos of stylish outfits and the latest makeup looks, liking and commenting on posts from your favorite bloggers. But have you thought about what happens behind the scenes to create all that content? As the founder and editor of LaurynCakes, a top fashion and beauty blog based in Salt Lake City, Utah, I’m going to give you an inside look at what it takes to build a blog from the ground up. From coming up with post ideas to collaborating with brands to traveling to fashion shows, it’s not as glamorous as it appears. But for those with a passion for style, beauty, and creating content, it can be incredibly rewarding. Join me for a peek behind the curtain at the real story of running a fashion and beauty blog. The life of an influencer isn’t all likes and comments—it takes dedication, organization, and a whole lot of work. But for me, it’s worth it to connect with readers and share my love of all things stylish and beauty-related. Welcome to my world!

Who Is LaurynCakes? Get to Know the Blogger Behind the Brand

So who is the bubbly blonde behind the popular LaurynCakes Utah fashion and beauty blog? Lauryn Cakes, of course! This social media influencer and lifestyle blogger shares style tips, makeup tutorials, product reviews, and more with her dedicated readers.

A Passion for Fashion and Beauty

Lauryn has always had a passion for fashion and cosmetics. She started blogging as a creative outlet to share her love of all things style, makeup, and skincare related. Over time, her relatable and engaging content gained her a loyal following on Instagram, YouTube, and her blog.

Lauryn prides herself on discovering hidden gems and the latest trends to share with her readers and viewers. She provides honest reviews and recommendations for products actually worth the splurge as well as budget-friendly dupes. Her makeup tutorials and skincare routines are easy to follow, using techniques and tools accessible for people of all skill levels.

A Glimpse into Her Life

While Lauryn primarily focuses on fashion and beauty content, she also gives readers a glimpse into her personal life. She shares details of her home life with her husband in Utah, their golden retriever Charlie, her passion for travel, and what she does for fun on the weekends. Readers appreciate Lauryn’s authenticity, openness and the sense of community she has built.

With new blog posts a few times a week, regular YouTube videos, and daily Instagram stories and posts, Lauryn Cakes provides a steady stream of on-trend content and inspiration. Her style is fun, flirty and fashion forward. If you’re looking for an influencer who keeps it real and radiates positivity, Lauryn Cakes is the blogger for you!

How LaurynCakes Got Her Start as a Fashion and Beauty Influencer

Lauryn was just an ordinary college girl with a passion for fashion and beauty when she started her blog, LaurynCakes, in 2015. She wanted an outlet to share her personal style inspirations, beauty product reviews, and tips for living a stylish life on a budget. Little did she know, her hobby blog would soon turn into a full-time job as an influencer.

After graduating, Lauryn struggled to find a job that ignited her creativity. She decided to take a risk and focus her efforts on building her blog into a business. Through consistency, high-quality content, and visually stunning photos, her readership grew rapidly. Brands started reaching out, wanting to collaborate or send products for review and promotion on her blog and social media channels.

How Lauryn Grew Her Blog into a Thriving Business

Lauryn attributes her success to three main factors:

  1. Choosing a specific niche (fashion and beauty) and sticking to it. This allowed her to become an expert in her field and gain a loyal, targeted following.
  2. Posting useful and engaging content on a consistent schedule. She aimed for 2-3 posts per week on her blog, with daily posts on Instagram. Consistency is key to building trust and authority.

3.Collaborating with brands to create sponsored content. Once she had a large, engaged following, companies were eager to work with her to promote their products to her audience. Sponsorships and affiliate marketing now make up a large portion of her income.

Through passion, persistence, and always putting her readers first, Lauryn turned her hobby blog into a thriving business. She’s living proof that with enough hard work and dedication, you can achieve your dreams of becoming a fashion and beauty influencer.

A Day in the Life: Follow Lauryncakes Utah Fashion and Beauty Blog

Running a successful fashion and beauty blog like LaurynCakes Utah is no small feat. As the face of the blog, Lauryn’s days are packed with photoshoots, networking, meetings, and managing the business side of things. Let’s take a peek into what a typical workday looks like for this fashionista boss babe.

Morning Routine

Lauryn starts her day bright and early around 6 AM. After walking her dog and having some coffee, she checks her email and responds to messages from brands or PR companies. She then heads to the studio for a photoshoot featuring some of her latest outfit styles or beauty product reviews. Photoshoots typically last 3-4 hours between hair, makeup, styling, and the actual shoot.

Afternoon Meetings

In the afternoon, Lauryn often has meetings with potential brand partners or collaborators. As an influencer, forming relationships with brands is key. She discusses upcoming campaigns, product reviews, and sponsorship opportunities. Lauryn also meets with her blog manager and intern to plan upcoming content, make edits, and keep things running smoothly.

Evening Work

Once meetings wrap up, Lauryn continues working into the evening. This includes things like:

  • Editing photos from the day’s photoshoot to schedule for posting
  • Writing new blog posts to share her latest styles, beauty finds, or life updates
  • Engaging with readers by replying to comments and messages on her blog and social media
  • Researching the latest fashion and makeup trends to stay on the cutting edge
  • Handling finances, invoices, and accounting to keep her business profitable

Being an influencer and running your own fashion blog is not a 9-5 job. Lauryn puts in long hours and constant work to build her brand, but by following her passion, she has created an exciting career and community. Her dedication and hustle show what it really takes to make it as a blogger and influencer. The glamorous photoshoots are just a small part of the job—the majority of the work happens behind the scenes.

LaurynCakes’ Top Tips for Aspiring Fashion and Beauty Bloggers

As an aspiring fashion and beauty blogger, Lauryn has learned a lot over the years about what works and what doesn’t. Here are her top tips for new bloggers:

Find your niche

Choose a specific focus for your blog, whether it’s makeup tutorials, ethical fashion, or DIY hair treatments. Build your content and branding around that niche. Viewers will appreciate your expertise in one area.

Post consistently

Aim for at least two to three posts per week to keep your readers engaged and coming back. Pick a schedule you can stick to long-term. Lauryn posts new content on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Consistency is key.

High quality photos

Invest in a good camera and lighting equipment. High resolution photos are essential for fashion and beauty blogging. Natural light is best, so take photos near a window. Edit your photos to ensure brightness, clarity and color accuracy.

Be authentic

Share details about your personal style and beauty routine. Viewers will connect more with a genuine blogger. Talk about your inspirations, favorite products, and what you’re loving right now. Keep your content real and relatable.

Engage with your audience

Respond to comments and messages from readers. Ask for feedback and opinions. Run contests and giveaways. An engaged audience will become loyal fans and share your content with others.


Team up with other influencers for promotion and cross-promotion. You can guest blog on each other’s sites, sponsor each other’s giveaways or create video content together. Collaborations expand your reach to new potential followers.

Keep learning

The blogging world is constantly changing. Stay on top of the latest social media platforms, analytics tools, SEO techniques, and web design trends. Take online courses or read books on the topics. Continuous learning will make you a better blogger.

With practice and persistence, you too can become a successful fashion and beauty blogger. Follow these tips from LaurynCakes and you’ll be well on your way. Let me know if you have any other questions!

What’s Next for the LaurynCakes Utah Fashion and Beauty Blog?

You’ve come a long way, baby! In just a few short years, your blog has become the go-to resource for fashion and beauty inspiration in Utah. You should be really proud of what you’ve accomplished. But as with any successful venture, it’s time to look ahead to the future.

What new content or features do you want to focus on next? You could highlight new up-and-coming Utah fashion designers and boutiques. Give your readers the inside scoop on what’s new and trending before the big magazines. Expand into home decor or travel content with a fashionable twist. The possibilities are endless!

It may also be time to bring on some extra help. Hiring freelance writers or interns is a great way to keep pumping out high-quality content without burning yourself out. Delegating and collaborating will allow you to focus on the creative and strategic aspects of running your blog.

Don’t forget to keep engaging with your readers and community. Run contests and giveaways, start a podcast or YouTube channel, host local events. The more ways you connect, the more loyalty and traffic you’ll build. Strong community engagement is key to online success.

You should also think about ways to diversify your income. Don’t rely only on sponsored posts and product placement deals. Consider offering styling consultations, online courses, or an ebook. Build multiple revenue streams so your income isn’t tied to only one source.

The future is bright for the LaurynCakes Utah Fashion and Beauty Blog. Keep putting in the work, nurturing your community, and following your passion. The sky’s the limit! Stay on the cutting edge of trends, keep improving your content and platform, and in a few more years, you’ll be a household name in Utah’s fashion scene. Congrats again on your success so far – now get out there and take your blog to the next level!


And there you have it, a peek behind the curtain of LaurynCakes, a popular Utah fashion and beauty blog. As you’ve seen, running an influential blog is no easy feat. It requires dedication, consistency, an eye for style, technical skills, and the ability to connect with readers. Lauryn makes it look effortless, but in reality, she puts in long hours sourcing content, taking photos, editing posts, engaging with her audience, and managing the business side. The glamorous photos she shares are the result of meticulous planning and staging. So next time you’re browsing the glossy posts on LaurynCakes, appreciate the enormous amount of work that goes into creating such an aspirational digital space. Lauryn’s passion for fashion, beauty and her home state shine through, allowing readers to share in her creative vision.

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